I don’t care who you are voting for I like you anyway…

What a busy, crazy week! I am so glad its Friday because I have so many fragments to share this week. I would be so excited to have you join our super friendly group that is led by the fabulous, although quite exhausted this week(she is a teacher) Mrs. 4444  http://www.halfpastkissintime.com

Most of my grandkids started school yesterday. Its official I have a granddaughter who is a senior. A few more start today and lil Adriana (3) starts preschool on Monday. Check out Adriana’s newly pierced ears and Dominic’s outfit for his first day of fifth grade, love the socks!!












I bought a Christmas gift.

I have been busy as a writer this week in the house and out of the house.  You know Liz right? I wrote a guest post for her. I would love to hear your comments, especially if you have ever felt the same way. http://eternallizdom.blogspot.com

I interviewed author Dina Santorelli. Her novel, Baby Grand was so good!!Check it out (my last post.)

I visited the library in Ridley Township, Pa. We discussed road rage and I made some new friendsJ When is the last time you visited your library or attended one of their events?

Matt Gannon interviewed me here-  http://mattwgannon.blogspot.com Matt is very interesting…we should all visit him and tell him to join us on Friday Fragments.

I will be posting interviews here on Mondays until I run out of people to interview. I would love to interview (you) bloggers and readers as well as writers. If you are interested, please let me know.  I have some really exciting people coming up, an artist/writer, a heart transplant recipient/author and this Monday KB Lever who is the author of Manipulating the List, which looks fabulous.

I really don’t care who you are voting for I am going to like you anyway…just saying…

I am so excited that my facebook book page is so close to 1000 likes, I hope you will consider donating one-


I will be doing a workshop at my local library in November on ‘Starting a Blog.’ Do you have any advice for me?

My favorite quote this week is:




Have a great weekend,








3 Responses to “I don’t care who you are voting for I like you anyway…”

  • Love the pics of your gorgeous grandkids! I also love my dear 4 grandchildren who I dearly love. My oldest granddaughter is also a senior this year (So hard to believe…) my other three are 7, almost 10 and just 11. First days of school are always bitter sweet for me as there is less time with them and they are growing way too fast.

    And as to blogging, keeping it simple when beginning a blog and that means writing about what you like and know. So many write to please, or copy someone else’s idea. A good blog begins with putting yourself out there.

  • I like you, too, no matter who you vote for. I love libraries. Love them. I wish we HAD public libraries in Honduras, but that’s why my friends and I are making donations toward one. Everyone should be able to go to the library.

  • I can’t see Adriana’s earrings for giggling over her little tongue sticking out.

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