Flu Shots, Favorite Things and Friday Fragments…

If you have had one of those weeks were so much has happened, you have no idea what to blog about, perhaps Friday Fragments are for you.  It is a place to list all of the bits and pieces of your week and make some new friends too! To learn more click here:  http://www.halfpastkissintime.com

The summer sure did mess with my writing schedule. I am so off track and am struggling to get back on that track. I am now posting interviews on Mondays. I have some good ones coming up I hope you will stop back…

I Felt God’s Pain took a weird turn over the summer but it is all coming together nicely. I am going to start posting exerts soon!

Speaking of interviews- I did one here: http://www.makingbabygrand.com  I wrote a guest post here: http://jessbookblog.blogspot.com  How would you like to win a copy of my book+some other goodies? Just leave a comment on both of those posts and then leave one here letting me know. Have I told you lately how much your support means to me? XXXOOO

Are you getting a flu shot? All the talk of aluminum and Alzheimer’s does have me scared. It is getting harder to decide what opinion to believe. I am close to the no vote. I don’t want the flu but I don’t want Alzheimer’s more.


My grandson Kyle is in the hospital again. He had a spinal fusion on August 3rd. Since then he has lost 17 lbs. They found two hernias. We are hoping there won’t be another surgery.

I bought 2 Christmas gifts. I do not like the displays in the stores in September.

I am thinking about participating in Katherine’s favorite Things blog hop. I’ll post it on my book page.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bristol-boyzStomp/113804488656243

My granddaughter Allyson will be 17 this weekend..oh my!!

Have a great weekend!!



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