Another Edition of Friday Fragments…

It is the weekend so that means it is time for me rid myself of the extra thoughts that I have rolling around in my mind. I just do not have the time to turn them into actual stand -alone posts. If you would like to share yours or you would like to meet some of the absolute best blog friends a person could ever have, stop over to visit and have a look around at Mrs. 4444

Our friend Sophie, the homeless woman John brought home to stay with us a few years ago passed away last Saturday. Thanks to John, Sophie was, reunited with her 3- children in the weeks before she passed. I am sad that she will not be here to hold her story in her hands. I cannot wait to share it with you.

I am driving back to Durham, North Carolina this weekend to hug my sweet friend Joelle who is undergoing, [hopefully] her last week of chemo and radiation.  I am going with my other BFF Tina. Tina and I  met Joelle, here in Philadelphia when she was only 18. She made me laugh the minute I met her. I always knew Joelle was one strong woman.  She and I share the pain of losing a sibling to violence. For years, she maintained her home and her children while her husband was in Iraq. Her strength, faith and that sense of humor are all still there. She is just such an inspiration! Please say a prayer or send a few good thoughts into the universe for her and her family.

I actually saw boxes of Christmas stuff in a store the other day. The Halloween stuff has already made its way onto a few shelves and I noticed yesterday they are already setting up the Halloween store. Jeeze… I’m still not giving into the thought of my grandkids going back to school yet.

My Grandson Kyle, a special needs child, underwent surgery at DuPont Children’s Hospital in Delaware 2 weeks ago. The 7- hour surgery was to place a steel rod along his spine. [The thought of that just makes my skin crawl.] His organs were being squished so it had to be done. He came through the surgery fine but woke up in recovery when he was supposed to be heavily sedated. Then a few days later when they wanted him to wake up they could not wake him. I’m leaving out the parts where he coded a few times and I am just thanking God that he is home now and is doing amazing.

What a tough week this has been!! On a lighter note our 3-year-old Adriana is starting 3-day a week pre-school in a few weeks. Do you all remember like just yesterday I shared her birth with you?? The other day her older brother Dominic decided to build a crib for his baby sisters baby doll. They worked on the project together. How adorable is that?


She could not wait!

Dominic and Adriana












On Tuesday, when I get back from N.C. I will be heading to another local library to talk about my writing.  I have been blessed to have traveled all over the country this year with BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP and I can’t really explain it but I am really having fun in my local libraries.

Speaking of writing, very soon I will be sharing something I’ve been working on with you.

I was interviewed a few months ago for an article on ‘Women who Love to Write’ for WE magazine. I am so excited that the article is in the August edition which is the magazines anniversary edition!! Check it 56:

John and I went to our first Phillies game [finally.]  Not only did they win for us in exciting fashion, it was a beautiful non-humid day!

I would love to see you all on facebook…  I can be found here: I would love to have 1000 likes before the release of my next book. 🙂

My favorite quote this week is:


Have a Blessed weekend…




7 Responses to “Another Edition of Friday Fragments…”

  • Between my husband and I, we gave you 3 likes on FB. I just got your book and I’ve been reading it. You definitely have a gift for story telling.

    Oh man, poor Kyle. I’m so happy to hear he made it through.

  • GB:

    I saw holiday decorations the other day and nearly fell over. It seems that the decorations come out earlier and earlier.

  • Loving the “build a baby crib” story and picture.

  • I am so glad to hear that Kyle is doing better.

  • This year has certainly been an adventure for you. I am sorry to hear about Sophie’s passing. Still I think you guys really came through for her.

  • It is amazing how fast the children grow up. My oldest is starting high school next week and I am still thinking about time she needs a bottle.

  • Sad to hear about your house guest. I’m glad there was some resolution for her family, and you can feel good about what your family did for her, too.

    Congrats on your interview! I will check that out.

    Loved your sweet intro, btw.

    I’ll say a prayer for Joelle and Kyle for continued healing…

    Doreen, I can’t get your button to work on my blogroll quilt page. I have no idea why, because I don’t really understand the code, but I thought I’d mention it. Maybe someone else can help you with it?

    I’ve decided a book needs to be written (non-fiction, parenting, related to education). Now, if I could just find the time to write it!

    Thanks for linking up this week! Have a wonderful weekend.

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