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BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP is making it’s Bucks County debut at the Barnes and Noble Neshaminy Mall on Saturday January 21st from 1:00pm-4:00pm.  You are all invited!!  I am going to be quite nervous so please think good thoughts for me.
Yes, that is me and my Dad:)
Happy New Year Everyone!  I had an amazing couple of weeks. I will never forget a moment of my adventure but it is always good to come home.

My muse has been calling and I am so full of new ideas.  This is the perfect reason to head over to Mrs. 4444’s for Friday Fragments.  There you can posts bits and pieces of your week. [I have been saving mine for 2 ½ weeks.] http://www.halfpastkissintime.com

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So, on December 27th, John and I headed south from Philadelphia to Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The 3-hour drive took us 6 hours.  It was pouring rain.  Traveling through Washington, DC is a nightmare.  I will not get started on my issues with Washington, DC…Anyway we were a bit late.  We were greeted with a much needed and appreciated very tall coffee and tea.

Eileen at The Griffin Bookshop was fabulous.  The shop was a dream for me.  It was also the first bookstore I finally saw BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP on the shelf so it will forever have a special place in my heart.  You can check them out and of course like them here


The rest of the drive went much smoother.  We arrived in Daytona Beach the next day and of course, we had to stop at Rossmeyer’s Harley Davidson.  John rode his motorcycle to Port Orange from there.  He was one happy biker dude.

My Dad looked amazing to me.  He is still very thin and tired [see my last post.] He will have another pet scan and blood-work in February.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming his way. I am so grateful for his remission and the extra time we have been given.

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve spending time with my sister-in-law and her family and my parents.

On January 2nd, we drove to the Orlando Airport [about an hour and 15 minutes] and flew to Atlanta.  From Atlanta, it was on to Phoenix, Arizona.  I admit I was nervous heading into Phoenix.  Lets face it the news does this city no favors.  I was pleasantly shocked at how different the city was from my vision.  The people are just so nice.  The weather was a very warm 75-80.  Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon were much, much cooler.  The Grand Canyon I just have no words to describe. I will just say that America is beautiful.

I met John’s old friends Richard and Debbi.  What a great, funny couple they are.  They were so good to John when his son passed away and he speaks of them often so it was so nice to meet them.

Kindred Spirits Java Joint was incredible.  My book signing there was the #2 thing to do in Arizona that weekend according to the Arizona Foothills Magazine.  The owner of Kindred Spirits actually read my book. I was so touched by her kindness. She gifted me a leather bracelet and said we were Kindred Spirits, how cool is that? The food, tea, music and people were all so good.  I was thrilled to be invited for a second night!

A big part of the story in my next book, I Felt God’s Pain, takes place in Phoenix.  I feel so much better telling the story now that I have seen it with my own eyes.

We also had a book signing at Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange.  They are only located in Arizona.  I wish we had them in Philadelphia.  The event coordinator Yvette was so nice.  She is also quite good at her job.  She did a lot of tweeting and face book posting about the event.  I was so impressed with her.

Every minute of the trip was a dream come true.  I am beside myself with excitement because the trip went so well I am going on another.  Details coming together….

For now, it is time to bring BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP to Bristol.  Honestly, I am nervous.  The sub-title of the book is a town divided.  It is still, divided.  I still feel compelled to get this story out there so Barnes and Noble [Neshaminy Mall/ Bensalem] here we come! You are invited… by the way.

I had to drop out of one of my networking groups because of the time commitment.  I enjoyed my time there and hope to join again some day.

Our family is adding 2 great nephews this month.  I am getting old.

My granddaughter Avery Paige turned 6 on January 11th

I am SO sick of WordPress and Google. Nuf said.

Thank you for letting me rid myself of these fragments.

My favorite quote this week:

Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.
Hindu Proverb

Have a positive and powerful week,


The Grand Canyon is SO much greater than this..

New friend Debbi and I

  • Jayne and I at the Port Orange, Fla. Library            

Music at Kindred Spirits


Bookman's Entertainment Exchange

HOT HOT HOT on the shelf!!

Kindred Spirits

Avery Paige

14 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  • Lars Pettersen:

    Hi Doreen, MY name is Lars Pettersen and I am the new owner of Arizona Cafe. Formerly Kindred Spirits. I would sure like to talk to Debbie and see if I can make the customer’s as happy as she did! If you see her or talk to her would you kindly ask her to call. Lars at 623-202-6221

  • Oh, I wish you had a signing in DC. I didn’t make it to Fredericksburg because it turns out it’s several hours away, but I’m only an hour from DC! Yeah, it’s not fun driving there. The horns never stop honking. Well, I’m glad you have been having a good time otherwise.:)

  • What a great post! I think it is so exciting that you got to see your book in stores and that you did some book signings. Yeah! What a fantastic feeling! I am so jealous that you were able to see the Grand Canyon. Lucky you! I enjoyed your pictures.

  • Wow! You have been busy, but in a good sort of way! So glad you’re having fun, and that your dad is better. Take advantage of that “second chance” you’ve been given with your dad. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Hope your dad is getting better! It seems you’d a fun filled trip. Have a great day!

  • Hopefully next time you’ll come to the Bookman’s in Mesa, its like 10 minutes from my house. Glad you enjoyed AZ.

  • DM:

    Sounds like you had a very nice time. You are right. Pictures cannot do the Grand Canyon justice. I absolutely love the Blog Entourage.

  • How exciting to see your book on the shelf! Congratulations!

  • It seems like it’s been awhile since you’ve posted. I’ve been wondering how things have been going.

  • Hello Doreen….I’m so happy that your trip turned out Great. I do hope to read the book and wish you nothing but success on this journey. Do not be nervous my friend, for Truth is Truth and that’s just the way it is. Sending you light and love, safe journeys and many more book signings to come your way. Who knows, maybe someday you will make it to Central Illinois and we can grab a cup of java. Blessed Be )0(… Angie

  • A wonderful read Doreen and what miles you travelled. I recall going to Washington DC back in May……Memeorial Day, it was 91 degrees. but it was interesting all the same.
    Love the pics too. looks like a good time was had by all.
    I was brought up in a Bristol here in the UK, When you write of Bristol it reminds me of home.

    Have a good week-end.
    Lovely to have you back.

  • We all have problems with Washington D.C….:-)

  • Kris:

    It sounds like you had a very successful and fun trip. It is good that you enjoyed it so much. I am glad your Dad is doing well and your granddaughter is a cutie.

  • What an incredible read. Terrific post. Your father is looking well. Your trip was fast, furious and filled with accomplishments to say the least. Oh yes…I remember Bookmans….I lived in Tucson for over a decade. It was a favorite hang out for me and hubby.

    I loved reading this all. Well done.


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