February has turned into quite a busy little month…

It is Monday and that means “I love my Online Friends”.  If you would like to join us click here:  http://www.thethingswefindinside.com I am a bit slow so it usually takes me all week to get through this list!

I just found Tuesday Tag back: http://mommyingonthefly.blogspot.com

February is a short month.  A short busy month for me.  How about you?  March will bring for me the final finishing touches on “Bristol boyz Stomp” so of course I am full of anxious anxiety.  We may even squeeze in a trip to Daytona Beach for Bike Week, in March.   I have put my order in for a little bit of warm Florida sunshine.

I want to share with you some amazing writers and friends:

Elizabeth Stuckey-French launched her book “The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady”…seriously good stuff and the trailer is amazing.  Check her out here: http://elizabethstuckeyfrench.com

Then there is the amazing Siobhan Fallon who has  a beautifully written book of interconnected short stories…again amazing!  You can see for yourself here:  http://siobhanfallon.com

And then there is my beautiful friend Rebecca Rasmussen who will be launching her book “The Bird Sisters” on April 12th.  Talk about excitement! You can check her out here: http:// www.thebirdsisters.com

“Fixer Upper” by Malena Lott…hmmm… http://www.malenalott.com and

Then there is Ellen Meister’s “The Other Side of Life”…what would you do if you could return to the road not taken…this one is due out February 17th. You can find more info here:  http://ellenmeister.com

“Arms of an Angel” by Linda Boulanger…this one looks really good: http//writersshelflife.blogspot.com

And last but certainly not least is the emotional adoption  memoir “Found” by the beautiful Jennifer Lauck her info is here: http://www.jenniferlauck.com

Hopefully I have added a few to your to be read pile:)

Groundhog day– this was a good year for the ground hog because he predicted an early spring…yeah!

Then we celebrated the marriage of my husband’s nephew.  The couple otherwise known as Lunchboy and Lunchgirl (look up on facebook)  It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was grand!

They did it!

It was my Dad’s birthday..February 8th..Happy Birthday Dad xxxooo

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew ‘baby’ Tony’s 21st birthday…Happy Birthday Tony xxxooo

My sister Dee and her baby Tony (This says it all 🙂

February is also Black History Month..

I wanted to write something really meaningful on this subject.  What I found in my research is a whole lot of history that is being ‘questioned’ or ‘debated’.  Basically our history is not accurate and that is a shame for everyone of us.   Someone please step up and fix this problem please….

It is also Homeless Month. I am not sure this is a national event or it is localized to my area.  Anyway, the powers  that be have decided to do a census of our homeless population.  Am I the only one that finds this will be a waste of taxpayer dollars?  Where are they going to look?  In the woods; under bridges? In my house?  This subject is near and dear to my heart as we have an 83 year old homeless woman living in our home.  Oh my do you think I should call the census takers? I have a post planned for next week on our latest adventures with Sophie.

Lets not forget it is the month of Love and Beauty; the celebration of Saint Valentine...anything to do with candy is okay with me!

Then we have Presidents Day.  It is George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s month of birth.  Personally I believe they deserve their own day…just saying…

Towards the end of the month; around here we start to get all revved up about our Phillie’s.  3.1 million tickets have already been sold.

My stepmother has a birthday this month and so do I.  Neither of us will be turning 21 🙁

I heard on the radio they are no longer teaching creation or evolution in our public school science classes.  Is this true?

Busy for such a short month, right?

My favorite quote today:

One person with passion is better than 40 people merely interested- EM Forster


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