Friday Fragments & Friday Follow…

Friday Fragments was the idea of a wonderful blog friend; Mrs. 4444.  It is a place to just de-fragmentize your brain of all the little things that are just that, little.  Not enough for a stand alone post.  If you could use the maintenance check in here:

You may also enjoy Java and just might make a few friends here:

The holidays are finally all put away except for and this always happens to me; I have 4 gifts that still need to be delivered.  I will hopefully do that today.

I have not seen any of the grand kids all week and no one has asked to sleep over in 3 weekends…hmmmm.

I wonder if it has to do with all the facebook updates describing this great hill they found to sled…I wonder…

My book production and marketing people e-mail me updates nearly every day…they keep saying everything looks good…that’s good right?  I am a nervous wreck!

I am going to paint a stone wall in the kid’s (guest) room this week.  If it comes out well there will be pictures.  I love to paint, I love to be creative.  It will be a nice diversion from my 3rd WIP (work-in-progress) which is not flowing the way I would like.

Here at our house we are not that devastated by the Eagles loss.  It was supposed to be a re-building year and that it was.  Bring on Spring Training I am ready for some Phillies!  I mean seriously Cliff Lee and Roy Hallady..oh my…

How do you like that no drama this week.  I’m almost afraid to say that.

My sweet grand daughter Avery Paige turned 5 years old this week.  Her birthday was 1/11/11=5….pretty cool!  When I asked her if she felt any different she thought a minute and said “Well actually I still feel kind of 4”

Happy Birthday Avery Paige XXXOOO

In honor of Martin Luther King and his special day I will leave you with one of his quotes:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

Lance and Louie napping in the car...

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