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Welcome to my web home.  I am so happy you have stopped by.  Friday Fragments are little things that may be important but not a full blog post.  Just the little fragments of your week.  I am very; very fragmented this week.  If you would like to join me in a bit of dumping;  join our lovely host Mrs. 4444 here:

Another really fun and friendly place is Java’s Friday Follow (over 40).  Java is simply a beautiful person and I promise you will find some very friendly folks here:

I was very; very happy yesterday when I received an e-mail from my marketing team with a list of suggestions that I could start working on now…so I could hit the ground running when the book is ready to launch.  My happiness came from the fact that I had already done everything on the list  🙂

I have a few fragments that are really troubling me so I am just going to vent…and type them out of my mind…

In Philadelphia today a 69 year old doctor was arrested for mass murder.  He has been on the horror radar since 1993 and nothing was done.  Government agencies to say the least dropped the ball and have blood all over their hands.  I am so sorry to those sensitive to government health care….but this is our governmental oversight at it’s worse and I have been having nightmares… This doctor operated an abortion mill and made millions performing late term..I cannot even type it..he killed the babies with scissors and kept their little feet in jars.  The employees were all arrested too.  I mean how do you sit there and eat lunch with those jars there…sick…I will do a full post just not now…I am too sickened.  I’m sure it will soon be national news.

My post on the Tuscon tragedy is being run in our local paper the “Delaware County Daily Times”.  I’m excited…

I was a bit confused today when I saw our first lady trying to convince bashing Walmart and blaming them for 1/4 of America’s obesity because they sell Cheese Nips so cheap….and then on the same news show they had video of the state dinner for the Chinese President woo-whatever.  Each appetizing platter served to the guests included beef, creamed spinach, potatoes and was topped off with apple pie and ice cream.  A whopping 2241 calories per plate.  The dinner was well planned and everything looked delicious but the mixed messages and double standards are just sad.  If you are going to be a leader you should lead by example.  Our children are watching.

The Smithsonian’s gift shop is selling statues of American Presidents.  They have been made in China.  Gee just like American Flags; we cannot make them here?

I apologize I am just so upset about this creepy doctor.  I am upset that China is a country full of  human rights horrors and we do business with them.  The truth is they pretty much own us.   Am I the only one confused?

On a happier note; winter causes deficiency in vitamin D; and vitamin D can prevent chronic disease….so drink your milk, eat your baked potatoes, eat your egg yolks and beat those winter blues 🙂

7 weeks until spring….

Happy 11th Birthday My Sweet Grand Daughter and angel Julia..XXXOOO

Julia’s Birthday is January 24th.  Julia was born on the last day of the trial for my brother’s murderers.  It is also the date my husband got down on his knee with “Wave on Wave” playing and asked me to be his wife.

My favorite quote this week:  If God does not make junk, why do we trash those who are different from us?

17 Responses to “Friday Fragments and Friday Follow…”

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  • Oh I agree with you on all your issues.

    Being in the healthcare business, I am not a fan of the plan. Too many people are sheep. It won’t work, and we’ll pay for it.

    Also in healthcare a great amount of counterfeit drugs come from China. What’s that tell ya.

    As for walmart and eating, Puleease. I hate walmart, pay more just to fight them.

    Eating. Its control. Not the food. Why isbour government telling us how to live now.
    Oh wait. They don’t want to cover effects of obesity. Oh. That’s it. It’s not a concern for you.

    Great post. I like the feisty side!

  • AAARRRGGGHHH!! I thought I’d left a comment on your terrific post when I dropped in on Friday – obviously I need to check I’ve done ALL the steps … I’m clearly a technophobe!!

    Thanx for visiting, commenting on and following my blog – hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!!

    Happy travels!!

  • Thanks so much for visiting. I am so shocked about the Walmart bashing and the doctor thing. Wow!

  • amy:

    I was in church this morning and they had everyone born after i think it was 1974 stand up. because this was when abortion became legalized. Everyone who stood up was considered a survivor because there mother chose them . There gift from God. In the Bible it says God knew us before we were formed. Our name was written on the palm of his hand. god is still in control. congratulations on your fabulous book. I will read it for sure. Keep me posted.

  • Your granddaughter is beautiful.

    I’m an old follower visiting from Java’s blog hop.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  • Thanks much for visiting us. 🙂

    It’s no wonder that this is a country of “victims.” If the First Lady blames Wal-Mart for obesity, then it’s just too easy to be passive. Is it really Wal-Mart’s fault if one eats too many Cheese Nips?

    I’m in PA too. I didn’t hear about that doctor. It’s beyond horrible.

    I’m off to California for a week, so maybe I’ll get a little vitamin D there.

  • Barb:

    Hi Doreen!
    Thanks for the visit and thanks for listing me! I feel honored! Hope you have a great weekend!


  • Kim:

    Wow I am amazed at how alike we are in the things that bug us! Thanks for coming by my blog & letting me know you liked the rug & bird photos. So many things in the world are confusing and contradictory but we have to keep questioning things or we are part of the problem not the solution!

  • Barb:

    Hi There!
    I’m an old follower dropping by from Java’s follow. I agree with the others – we are what we eat. We all have choices to make in life.

    Drop by my blog and say hi! I currently have a giveaway on the go.

    Barb at Sugarbeat’s Books

    Valentine’s Giveaway

  • Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

  • We continue here in Arizona to pray for Gabby and all the other victims families. I also pray for the family of the shooter, their pain and sorrow are also deep.

  • Helen:

    Hopping by to say Hi via FF40+ hosted by Java. Also every Friday I am featuring a special blog, hop on over and see who it is this week, you never know it could be you!
    Helen x

  • I agree with your “rants”. How can that doctor sleep at night?
    People are responsible for their own obesity–except for young children.
    To me, China equals “junk”…why are we associating with them? They are not our “friend”.
    Great news about your post making the paper! Congrats!

  • I’m a new follower….

  • Your grand daughter is so cute.

    And people are fat because they choose to eat crappy foods for meals instead of snacks and treats. AND because they choose not to exercise.

  • Coby:

    That is absolutely horrific about that doctor. There are no words…

    You know, I was in Wal-Mart tonight, and I passed by the Cheese Its. They’re so good, I love them. I bought raisins instead. That was MY choice. Not Wal-Mart’s. I don’t think Wal-Mart is responsible for America’s obesity. It’s poor choices.

    I will say, however, that more and more I find that the unhealthy foods are cheaper than the healthy ones, which is terribly sad.

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