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Music Monday and Memories…

I still wonder how it’s possible that after 18-years my body knows, my subconscious remembers. It starts with my body feeling heavy. I get that awful lump in my throat and feel sick.

How does a certain song trigger our minds to recall memories, some beautiful and some so sad? Why did this song randomly play on the radio station I’m listening to today?

Then I realize this is the day that all those years ago went from a beautiful, warm spring day and an evening out with my daughters to the night in an intensive care waiting room praying for God not to take my brother from me.

This is the day my brother and his band-mates were driving home after practicing for a show at the Trocadera in Philadelphia that would raise money for the children of members in another band that lost their lives in a freak explosion as they practiced.

David, Anthony and Joe were attacked for driving too slow.

We have a big family and at that time David was the only musician. He was our music man.

I wanted to create a video so that our memories of David would be preserved for all of the new members of our family. I wanted them to know him, love him and miss him too.

When I heard Alan Parson’s Brother up in Heaven I could not stop crying. To this day I cannot believe I actually emailed him and asked if I could use the music and change up the words for our video. I am so grateful to him for saying absolutely and always will be.

Our niece Caroline was so kind to sing the song for us. Her voice is beautiful.

Brother Up In Heaven

We have quite a few musicians in our family today and the most talented is David’s son.

Days like today remind me of this quote from Rose Kennedy. She is so right.

What songs bring back special, beautiful or sad memories for you?


It’s #MusicMonday featuring Philly Cuzz…


My father was in the airline business so as a child our vacations always involved first-class air travel, exotic locations and 5-star hotels. Looking back now I am so grateful for the opportunities I had and the wonderful memories. I remember waiting on our front porch in the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia for my parents to gather my younger siblings and our luggage. Dressed in my best Sunday dress and those darn pinching Mary Jane shoes I watched several of our neighbors getting ready to leave on their vacations. They all had station wagons and were all headed ‘down the shore.’ The kids were dressed in their Ked’s and shorts and looked so happy as they packed picnic baskets, beach toys and towels into the back of their cars. I thought they were so lucky. That is probably why I love Doo Wop music and the Jersey Shore so much today!

Once my aunt and uncle purchased a home in Ocean City I was lucky enough to visit. My grandmother was the one that usually took us and what fun that drive was. My cousins and I would beg her to keep pushing the buttons on the radio until our favorite songs would come on. We would wind down the windows and sing as loud as we could.

Whenever I hear Doo Wop music my mind immediately floods with memories of the Jersey Shore. We are now sharing our shore memories and making new ones with our grandchildren and introducing them to our favorite summertime music.

Today I would like to introduce you to (if you don’t already know him) Philly ‘Cuzz’ Battaglia. Philadelphia has launched many talented performers and Cuzz is definitely on that list. He is a songwriter, pianist, singer and producer. He is introducing Doo Wop to a national audience and when my grandkids love it I know it’s cool again!

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Imagine That…#MondayMotivation

Imagine That…

Imagine that we American women united so no person or organization could control us by dividing us. Imagine that we actually did something other than persist. Imagine us coming together to solve problems. Imagine we built a bridge on what we have in common and our differences washed away under that bridge. Imagine that…

Imagine that on the topic of:

Schools- We agree we want the very best educational system for our children. We agree that every child has the right to an education regardless of race, religion, sex or disabilities. Imagine that we got together in our small towns and our cities and created a plan, we could make our school boards, administrators and educators accountable for every cent

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