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Friday Favorites, Flop and Food? Party Edition…

Friday Favorites, Flops and Food

I know its cliché, but the weeks seem to be floating by leaving me feeling like I’m missing something or not living life to the fullest. One of my goals for this year is to slow my days down and to be present and mindful in each, and every minute. Another goal is to find something to be grateful for, and to enjoy in each season. What were your Friday Favorites, Flops and Food this week?


Granddaughters Adriana and Peyton have birthdays a few days apart. We’ve been celebrating all week! My favorite day was last Saturday. The girls invited their friends, siblings and cousins and we spent the afternoon at A Taste of Artistry’s Paint Studio. Abbie Devers, owner and instructor taught the girls the technique of paint pouring or fluid art. This is where paints are mixed with a medium in one cup or in individual cups and poured onto a canvas.

It was a lot more complicated than it sounds but the finished works of art are impressive!

The girls party in the studio last year inspired me to have my main characters in a book I wrote to attend a class at the studio. I can’t wait to share more about the book…

On Thursday night, with a few friends from the Press Club we celebrated our veterans and remembered those lost on D Day. The Master of Ceremonies told us when word reached our soldiers in France and England that the war was over, they sang and danced. In honor of them there was a lot of singing and dancing!

I belong to a fabulous organization, Fem City Philadelphia. We had a breakfast get together this morning. It was tough getting up and out after all the singing and dancing with the veterans the night before, but I’m so glad I went. When women get together to support one another, big things happen. Do you have a Fem City chapter in your area?  I highly recommend you check it out!

Love or not love her, but First Lady Melania knocked fashion out of the park in London, France and Ireland. I especially loved the navy and white she wore in honor of Diana. Gorgeous!

We started season 3 of Blacklist this week. James Spader (Can you believe he was in Pretty in Pink?) as Raymond Reddington is impressive, and one of those bad guys you can’t help rooting for. That’s a sign of excellent writing for me. We’ll probably be starting season 4 on Sunday. I feel SO old!


The World Health Organization has classified binge-watching to alleviate stress as a- mental health-disorder and an addiction. We’re screwed!

Last Sunday I woke up with a pain in my neck. Now it’s moving down my arm. I’m suspecting something woke up an old pinched nerve injury. It’s always something, Ugh!

I’m SO behind on writing projects and deadlines are approaching. I need to step it up next week.


With all the birthday celebrations and running around this week I didn’t do much cooking either. That needs to change next week.

My favorite meal this week was at the Drexelbrook Events Center, where we had our Fem City breakfast. The hot water for tea was actually; hot and available early. With Celiac Disease I often go hungry when out. Drexelbrook’s buffet offered a nice selection of choices for me. I had scrambled eggs (delicious,) hash browns the best bacon and fruit.


Another favorite was the snacks at the girls Paint Party! My daughter is so creative, how cute is this? I think I ate all the Reeses cups!

Spending the afternoon on Friday with granddaughters Peyton and Avery was a blast! We capped the day off with a visit to Factory Donuts in Mayfair (Philadelphia.) Are you starting to see why I didn’t cook all week? The donuts are MADE TO ORDER! They are hot and oh so yummy and I am in so much trouble because they are coming to my neighborhood!  (Media, Pa.) Peyton had a donut sundae. I wish I got a photo of her smile! This one is chocolate /banana. Did I say they were yummy? The only disappointment was they don’t have vanilla crème filled.

New Locations Opening Soon!

Newtown, Media, Doylestown and Turnersville Plus 13 other locations in development!

What was your favorite day, least favorite and what was your best meal? What are you most grateful for this week?

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Friday Favorites, Flops and Food/Chicken Salad anyone?





Friday Favorites, Flops and Food


I know its cliché, but the weeks seem to be floating by leaving me feeling like I’m missing something or not living life to the fullest. One of my goals for this year is to slow my days down and to be present and mindful of each, and every minute. Another goal is to find something to be grateful for in each season. Keeping track of my favorites, flops and good food weekly has been a great exercise in consistent blogging, and a way to remember and be grateful.


My first favorite memory of the week is my #5 granddaughter, Adriana Jean turned 10! Everyone says where does the time go but seriously I clearly remember anxiously awaiting my daughters scheduled c-section date. Adriana couldn’t wait and decided to come early creating a chaotic emergency c-section.

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Foodie Friday Fragments are changing…


Foodie Friday Fragments…

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, and other small gems throughout your week and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Add a recipe or something ‘foodie’ from your week. Leave me a link in the comments so I can read your fragments!

A lot can change in a week and the change in our weather has been a welcome one! For the first time in a few years we are expecting a warm Easter Sunday.

My granddaughter Adriana played her first softball game the other day. Her sister played all through grade, middle and high school and because of an injury cannot play in college. I’m looking forward to attending as many games as I can and am looking forward to watching that “I got it” moment.

Have you been watching the new 24? I’m definitely missing Chloe and Jack but just like the original series the hour is non- stop action that has me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The story line is realistic and horrifying. In fact I am having trouble keeping track of all of these shows that seem to be trying to align with the reality of our political climate. It’s overwhelming and the story lines are so similar it’s getting monotonous. I’m not sure I’ll watch Homeland, 24, and Designated Survivor next season. SIX and the Americans still have my attention.

I’m even bored with the Housewives and HGTV. Maybe I should shut the TV off and write another book.

April the giraffe is FINALLY in the early stages of labor according to the vet. Maybe she will have an Easter baby.  UPDATE: April had a baby boy!

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking me for my new email address because apparently Verizon is getting out of the email business. It’s probably a good idea because the service is pretty awful but I was panicking because of my contacts and all of my business email files. I hadn’t heard anything from Verizon about this so I wondered if they were hacked again. I called today and was told I am not one of the customers being rolled over to AOL…yet. I’m nervous.

I had my yearly check-up a few weeks ago and because I’ve had several severe allergic reactions & have been having trouble catching my breath since the last one, my doc ordered a bunch of tests. I’ve known for two-years that I most likely had Celiac Disease. I blew it off other than cutting down on breads. What in the world was I thinking? I had no idea how serious this disease is and I never imagined it was the cause of the increased severity of my allergic reactions. None of these tests are coming back with simple results. I admit it, I’m nervous. Getting older is definitely complicated.

The Foodie part of Friday Fragments is definitely going to change. Any ideas or recipes you can share with me will be greatly appreciated! For me it is no gluten and no grain.

These crackers have saved me. I’ve been slicing cherry tomatoes and small slices of mozzarella and baking them for 5 or 6-minutes. They are really good! Not pizza but an okay substitute. I’ll keep telling myself that.


Please keep my family in your thought and prayers this Easter/Passover season. We have a few members dealing with serious health issues. I will do the same for you!

Have a blessed Easter/Passover.


Registration is now open for the Amazing Philadelphia Writers Conference. I am so excited to be presenting a 3-day workshop on Nonfiction/Memoir. If you plan to attend let me know, I’d love to meet up with you!

I am also presenting a workshop on book marketing at the New Jersey Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference (NJSCBWI) I’ve never been to this conference so I am looking forward to it. If you plan to attend this one please let me know so we can meet up!






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