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Monday Morning Rant…What is the difference between Catholicism and Dominoes?

Monday Morning Rant…

What is the difference between Catholicism and Dominoes? Last week was a rough one. Every planet must have been retrograde and a bunch of people in my life must have been on a steady diet of mean pills. Personally I always try to say what I mean without ever saying it mean and if I see or hear someone being mistreated I’m most often the first one to come to the rescue of the victim. What I saw and heard this week was people I’ve always respected doing nothing to correct or change the bad behavior of people that were treating others unkindly, even bullying.


I left the Catholic Church as a young adult. The controversy and horrors became too much for me to take. It wasn’t just the horrors that turned me away but the fact that crimes were being covered up and the guilty were being sheltered. Victims were being exposed and shamed. None of that spoke to me in a Christian voice so I didn’t quietly leave, I ran as fast and loudly as I could and took my kids with me.

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Music Monday and Memories…

I still wonder how it’s possible that after 18-years my body knows, my subconscious remembers. It starts with my body feeling heavy. I get that awful lump in my throat and feel sick.

How does a certain song trigger our minds to recall memories, some beautiful and some so sad? Why did this song randomly play on the radio station I’m listening to today?

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