The letter “T”

We are really rolling towards the finish line of the A-Z April Challenge now, it has been challenging and So much fun!!

“T” is for Trailer

My publisher offered to create a book trailer for me but I wanted to create a little movie.  I like the other trailers with the photos and music; I just wanted something more personal.  It was not easy to find someone to create it either.  I kept looking and was lucky enough to find J.C. from New Pace Productions.  My husband said we could not go wrong with him {because of his initials.} I was so relieved when he understood…

This week is the one year anniversary of the day we filmed the trailer at the Victims Memorial Arbor and Gazebo in Core Creek Park, Langhorne, Pa.

We chose that day because there was going to be an annual candle light tribute to crime victims that afternoon in the park. The weather reports for that day were scary.  They were calling for possible tornados and torrential rain. The service was cancelled. We decided to go ahead and try to get the filming done ahead of the weather.  The storm never arrived.

When J.C. finished the production work and I watched the trailer for the first time, the voice over man sounded so familiar.  I could not figure out who that was..see if you can guess..

What do you think of  book trailers?  Do they influence your decision to read/not read a book?

BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP book trailer…

The best voice over guy…

The best production company…





6 Responses to “The letter “T””

  • I’m so glad I found your blog in this atoz challenge. I liked the trailer and your book sounds fascinating. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • I don’t know if it compels me to purchase the book but I love trailers.

  • I like that you actually filmed your trailer, instead of photos, text and music. Since I am a fast reader, I find the scrolling text and photos too slow – just let me read the back cover instead, okay?! But I know other people feel differently; that’s why its important to market books with trailers and other methods to reach a wide range of people. I’m a visiting A-Z blogger.

  • how exciting! i cant wait to make one! going to watch now!

  • A good T word Doreen. I have finished your book and I thought it was excellently written, I hope it does some good in the community.
    Thank you for a wonderful read and an eye opener as to what goes on.


  • I love the little movie like book trailers too! Can’t wait to see yours!

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