A-Z April Challenge… Melissa

Wow we are already up to the letter M.  To check out some of the other A-Z April Challenge posts or to learn more about the challenge


For the letter “M” I chose Melissa Ann Hopely and Minding your Mind

Melissa Ann Hopely graciously provided the foreword for BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP.  Melissa is an international speaker, an actress, singer, author and the spokesperson for the organization Minding your Mind.

 Minding Your Mind’s primary objective is to improve the lives of adolescents and young adults by providing education aimed at reducing the stigma and the destructive attitudes and behaviors associated with an often avoided topic, mental illness. Mood disorders have been identified by the World Health Organization as the third cause of disability worldwide. As the age of onset for these brain disorders is often during adolescence, it is important that factual information and open dialogue occur during the middle and high school years. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in this age group and the second cause of death in college students. Over 90% of completed suicides occur when the individual has been diagnosed with one or more psychiatric disorders. While serious, these illnesses are treatable.

During the past four years, through our Speaker Program, MYM has reached thousands of college, high school and middle school students throughout the Country.. Our speakers, dynamic young adults who have struggled with mental health issues, visit schools and other organizations to share their stories and recovery. The presentations, which are free of charge to the school, occur during school assemblies, health classes and workshops. Issues that are addressed in these presentations range from mood disorders, suicide ideation and eating disorders, to addictive behavior and bullying. The speakers have all received training to insure that their presentations are delivered in a professional and knowledgeable fashion. The speakers are inspiring and provide the students with a better understanding of the signs and symptoms of mental disorders, emphasizing that they are treatable and that help is available.

An additional component to the Speaker Program is an evening program which provides an opportunity for the parents, teachers and other school personnel to meet and listen to the same speaker the students heard earlier in the day. While the speakers are very knowledgeable, they are not trained licensed mental health professionals. Many times parents want answers to questions for which the speaker is not qualified; therefore, mental health professionals, volunteering their time, are present at the evening sessions.

Our Speaker Program has received laudatory responses from schools and organizations, and our speakers are very often invited back to speak at the same school on multiple occasions.

To obtain further information visit: http://mindingyourmind.org

 Learn more about Melissa here:



6 Responses to “A-Z April Challenge… Melissa”

  • I’m so glad there is an organization like this to encourage loved ones of the mentally ill. Thanks for the informative post! Hope you are enjoying the Challenge.


  • Hey.
    Your blog is very real. I feel deeply affected by it. Bless you on your journey with thanks.

  • Lots of people could use some education on this subject

  • Thanks for the comment , I don’t know it you know that Robin Gibb who has been fighting liver cancer is in hospital with pheunmonia. Hope he can get through this.


  • Thank you for that information–I hadn’t known that statistic about mood disorders being the third leading cause of disability. I’m a psychologist who has suffered from anxiety that thankfully hasn’t been too debilitating. Good luck with the challenge.

  • Children only pick up of these stigmas through adults, I am epiletic and when first diagnosed went through hell, but I said Epilepsy lives with Me and not the other way round, I have travelled many places over the years so it’s up to the adults to educate their children about certain things in life.

    Have a good week-end.

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