I was feeling sort of stuck for a “P” word for the A-Z April Challenge and magically on my to-do list was  Chat with marketing about a new press releasePerfect P word.  I would love to know what you think of the information in this press release.  Do you have any suggestions to improve it?


Press release

ROAD RAGEis what all the newspapers and News Shows called what happened that night.

To me, that sounded like a disease, an affliction that can make you kill.

You will meet and fall in love with David, the victim.  He was a handsome, soft-spoken gentle giant with a great musical talent. He was also a husband and Daddy.

The reader will agonize with the family as they spent seventy-two hours in the intensive care unit watching David slip away.  They prayed for miracles and discussed organ donation while still trying to figure out exactly what happened that night.

You will become infuriated with the judge, the evil skirt and sneaker wearing, district attorney who was only interested in winning an election, the defense attorneys and the ‘murderers family’s’ lack of empathy.

The author shares her story of grief, depression and defeat.

A painfully gripping, honest detail that will leave readers inspired to hug everyone they love and sadly, forever looking in the rear view mirror.

“This book is the true story of the random ‘road rage’ murder of my younger brother, musician David Albert.”

Doreen M. McGettigan is from Bucks County. Pa.  When her younger brother was murdered, she was shattered. She joined a Homicide Survivors Group and then became active in the state of Pennsylvania’s largest, most comprehensive victim service organization, NOVA, as an advocate, board member and speaker.  She has become a voice for those affected by violence and bullying.  She has also become a champion for the elderly and those with special needs who sometimes have trouble or who are too frightened or embarrassed to admit they have been victimized.  Doreen has written for several Philadelphia area newspapers, is an active member of the Philadelphia Suburban Press Club and the Chamber of Commerce.  She lives in Delaware County, Pa. with her husband, John.

Foreward written by Melissa Ann Hopely- International motivational speaker; a brave voice against mental health stigmas and a fierce voice against bullying.    www.melissahopely.com

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