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It’s been SO long since I’ve linked up with Friday Fragments! I’m looking forward to jumping right back in. What is Friday Fragments? Basically they are bits and pieces or snippets of your week. Those things that happened or things you’ve felt that were important but not quite long enough for an entire post. Join us, the more the merrier!

The host of Friday Fragments is Traci:

Friday Fragments #50 – Houses, Sleepless Nights, and The Greatest – A Star in My Own Universe

Is it Friday already? Well, I guess that means I have some fragging to do. Welcome to Friday Fragments. If you haven’t fragged before, Friday Fragments is a place to share those thoughts, quips, and tidbits that don’t quite make a whole post, e.g. fragments or frags.



It has been such a sad and terrifying week. Terrorism seemed to dominate the news. The Egypt Air Crash, the attack on and murder of Israeli citizens and the murder of 49 Americans at a night club in Florida.

Another terror attack was thwarted in California. I believe that is the answer. Speaking up, telling, snitching whatever you call it that is what needs to be done and every report made needs to be taken seriously and investigated without fear of being politically incorrect. In all of these cases someone knew what was going to happen.

Christine Grimmie a Voice finalist was shot as she opened her arms to hug a fan. That deranged fan travelled to Florida with the intent to kill her. Someone had to know.

Christina Grimmie

Continuous bloviating about changing gun laws does nothing to change gun laws. Actually enforcing gun laws would help. Fixing the issues with the No Fly list would help advance stalled legislation. Prosecuting those that know of an attack and do nothing to report would help. President Obama and Paul Ryan actually leading and encouraging Congress to come up with common sense solutions would help.

That poor baby boy that was taken and drown by that alligator, I just can’t stop seeing his little face. I just can’t get mad at the parents. I do hope we all learn to pay more attention to signs.

This is why I needed to participate in Friday Fragments. Holding on to these heavy thoughts is too much.

I had a visit from this beauty yesterday.


It let me walk right up to it and take a photo. When I looked up the meaning of a visit from a dove, it all made sense. It can be a message that someone passed away peacefully. That was a message I needed.

Last weekend I attended the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference. I learned so much, was inspired to start a few new projects and had the chance to catch up with some of my favorite people. (this is Susan)

Doreen and Susan

My husband and the best friend ever kidnapped me for a quick beach getaway. I could not stop smiling!

Beach Feet

We had a grandchild graduate kindergarten, another graduate 8th grade and 4 birthdays with more of those coming next week. Where’s Santa when I need him…

Dom Adriana Allyson Dab

The family that dabs together

Dom graduating

Allyson, Dominic (the graduate) and Adriana #siblings

Doms Graduation ride w Mom Mom

On the way to graduation!

It feels good to be back!

Have a blessed weekend everyone,






On Wednesdays I like to share information, the kind of stuff I wish someone would have shared with me when I started on my writing, publishing and marketing journey. Writer Wednesday

Typewriter Pink

Writing Conflict I have always had trouble writing conflict, the fiction type that is. My first 3 books are nonfiction and based on conflict so I only had to write what happened, in my own words.

Making conflict up from scratch is a whole different matter. I don’t like conflict at all and have spent my life trying to avoid it but to tell a good story conflict is an absolute necessity. Even worse it needs to happen in every scene. Conflict is what moves the story forward.

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Summer Series Suggestions…

It’s that time again when all of my favorite TV shows are airing season finales. I admit I get a bit down knowing it could be months, maybe even a year before my favorite characters or reality TV personalities are back in my living room.

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Wednesday Wisdom…

Writing Wednesday

Typewriter Pink

The first Wednesday of each month is also the designated day for the meeting of The Insecure Writers Support Group. (#IWSG)

For more information and to join this fabulous group:

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Pawning off our elderly and mentally ill…

Not that long ago, as a society we locked away our family members that were deemed mentally ill, developmentally challenged, sickly or elderly. We locked them far away from the rest of us and our civilized society. We put them in dark, cold asylums. In the 1500’s prior to having actual asylums to commit them to these people were put on asylum ships. They were known as the ships of fools. These ships roamed the seas and stopped from port to port only to pick up supplies and more fools.

Ship of Fools

Can you imagine the people that they hired to work on those ships? I am quite sure they were plucked from the crop of the least employable. Some of the workers were lifelong criminals. They were given the chance to be sentenced to the prison ship or to work on the ship of fools. Why not get rid of two of society’s ills on one ship.

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Tis the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference Season…

On Wednesday’s I like to share information, stuff I learned on my journey of writing, being published and marketing two books…

Writing Wednesday

Typewriter Pink

Writing Conferences

It’s that time of year again, the time when writers with a dream and writers that are living the dream come together to network and most importantly to learn from each other. Many years ago when I was dreaming of becoming a writer I attended the Philadelphia Writers Conference. I learned so much back then, the days when word processors were the ‘new thing.’

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I’m In Love With This…

The lease is up next month on my Nissan Altima and I’ve been having separation anxiety for about 3-months now. I still love my car even after 3-years so I’ve been leaning towards purchasing it at the end of the lease.

My salesman, who also happens to be my husband, will most likely try to up sell me. He wouldn’t have had a chance of succeeding before I attended #BAMC16 [The bloggers at midlife conference 2016.]

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Ugh Writing Proposals…

Writer Wednesday

Typewriter Pink

On Wednesday’s I like to share what I have learned along my writing, publishing and marketing journey. If you like the info please share it forward!

Proposal Writing

Before submitting your work to an agent you should have a proposal ready. Chances are if they like your query, they will request a proposal.

I was always more a sit down and write kind of writer until I started writing books and taking on freelance work. I found myself procrastinating and easily distracted by new and shinier things that came across my laptop screen.

If I wanted to do this book writing thing full time I needed to get organized and get writing.

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I am SO Insecure…

Yes, I am SO Insecure…

The first Wednesday of each month is the designated day for the meeting of The Insecure Writers Support Group.

For more info on the group:


What writers among us, no matter where we are in our careers doesn’t need a group like this?

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Between The Lines; it’s My Turn…

“When I started blogging five-years-ago, one of the first blogs I came across was Katherine’s Corner. We had more than a few things in common and I knew I liked her. When she put the word out that she wanted to do a series on mid-life women bloggers of course I wanted to be part of the fun!”

The series is called between the lines.

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